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Cosmic dApp logic

The CosmWasm/dApps [Logic] package provides three kinds of resources that will make it easier to develop CosmJS based dApps: config, utils, and service. In order to better understand the example balance checker dApp that we'll be developing, we'll go over those utilities that will be used in the app.


The AppConfig definitions that configure the app to work for a given chain:

export interface AppConfig {
readonly chainId: string;
readonly chainName: string;
readonly addressPrefix: string;
readonly rpcUrl: string;
readonly httpUrl: string;
readonly faucetUrl: string;
readonly feeToken: string;
readonly stakingToken: string;
readonly faucetToken: string;
readonly coinMap: CoinMap;
readonly gasPrice: number;
readonly codeId?: number;

In this tutorial we'll be using configuration for Heldernet.

The fields are pretty self-explanatory except coinMap, which is a map of native coin names that will allow us to pretty print the token amounts with nativeCoinToDisplay(). It looks like this:

ucosm: {
denom: "COSM", fractionalDigits
ustake: {
denom: "STAKE", fractionalDigits


Here you can find the definition for a CoinMap like the one above, which will come in handy when defining it in your config file.

There are also several utility functions for working with errors and currencies. In this tutorial we'll only be using nativeCoinToDisplay(), which takes two parameters: a [@cosmjs/launchpad]( Coin and a CoinMap.

It makes use of those parameters and the Decimal class from [@cosmjs/math]( to return a Coin with a more user friendly amount field, that will be used for printing native coins in the balance checker.


This resource offers several React context providers, some utility functions, and a [ProtectedSwitch](#protectedswitch) React component.

Sdk provider

We'll be able to interact with this React context provider with the useSdk hook, which will give us access to a SigningCosmWasmClient in order to query the chain.

Account provider

The useAccount hook will expose this provider's state, which will be useful for getting the user address and balance.


By making use of the useError hook, we will be able to query and change the value of a global error.


This is a utility that will provide several methods for interacting with CW20 contracts. For the balance checker, we'll be querying the balance of a given CW20 contract token.


A wrapper around react-router-dom Switch, that only allows the user to visit the routes inside if the user has finished the login process.