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Entry points

Entry points, or handlers are where messages or queries are handled by the contract.

All three of the functions we will be talking about are explicitly flagged as entry points, and excluded from being bundled in the library:

#[cfg_attr(not(feature = "library"), entry_point)]
pub fn instantiate(
deps: DepsMut,
_env: Env,
_info: MessageInfo,
msg: InstantiateMsg,
) -> Result<Response, StdError> {
// ...etc

These handlers are:

  1. Instantiate messages, as defined by the InstantiateMsg struct, are handled by instantiate.
  2. Messages, as defined by the ExecuteMsg enum, are handled by the execute function, using a pattern-matching match statement.
  3. Queries, as defined by the QueryMsg enum, are handled by the query function, using a pattern-match.

execute and query must exhaustively match every variant in the enums they handle, while instantiate only has to deal with the struct it is passed.

Typically, instantiate and execute have the type Result<Response, ContractError>, while query has StdResult<Binary> due to the underlying Cosmos SDK Querier.