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When compiling is complete (it may take a while) cd into the artifacts directory. ls should show you binaries for the contract.

In the following examples, remember to switch <your-contract> for the name of the binary you just compiled.

Store using the CLI

Using wasmd you can now store it on the blockchain:

wasmd tx wasm store <your-contract>.wasm  --from <your-key> --chain-id <chain-id> --gas auto

You will need the code id of the contract. For this, you can look in the JSON output for the code_id value. If you would prefer to capture this as a shell variable, instead the previous upload step you can instead do:

cd artifacts
RES=$(wasmd tx wasm store <your-contract>.wasm --from <your-key> --chain-id=<chain-id> --gas auto -y)
CODE_ID=$(echo $RES | jq -r '.logs[0].events[0].attributes[-1].value')

You will then be able to use $CODE_ID in commands when working with the contract for the remainder of your session.