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Coding Environment#

Rust and IDE#

This section is a summary of Getting Started / Installation and Setting Up Environment. You can go to the doc, setup rust and preferred IDE then and come back here. We recommend using Intellij IDEA.

Project Starter#

Project starter template repo is there for spinning new smart contract quickly. With one command, project layout, boiler plate, git, and even Circle CI for auto testing/formatting/linting will be set up. Cool huh. Here is the repo: cosmwasm-template

Assuming you have a followed section above, then the following should get you a new repo to start a contract:

First, install cargo-generate. Unless you did that before, run this line now:

cargo install cargo-generate --features vendored-openssl

Now, use it to create your new contract. Go to the folder in which you want to place it and run:

cargo generate --git --name simple-option

Initialize git repo:

git add .git commit -m "Initial generation from cosmwasm-template"

Great, workstation is ready.