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Throughout the Getting Started section we demonstrated the essential procedure that is required to use CosmWasm smart contracts: setup, compilation, deployment and interaction. We will take it one step further and edit the Escrow Contract in a way that enables a thief to hijack the funds saved in the contract. Before starting, make sure you read and followed the steps in the Getting Started section.


The Rust plugins for the recommended development environments look for a Cargo.toml file in the root directory of your project workspace, and only parse rust code referenced by this Cargo.toml file (listed as a workspace, or imported by src/ The cw-examples repository does not have a Cargo.toml file in the project root folder, but rather has one in each example contract sub-directory. To ensure proper IDE support when working on this example, you should only open the escrow directory in your preferred IDE and not the project root folder. In general, a good practice is to have one window open for each rust project, rooted in the same directory as its Cargo.toml file.