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Version: 0.16

IBC And CosmWasm

The inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC) is an end-to-end, connection-oriented, stateful protocol for reliable, ordered, and authenticated communication between heterogeneous blockchains arranged in an unknown and dynamic topology. The protocol realises this by specifying a set of data structures, abstractions, and semantics that can be implemented by any distributed ledger provided they satisfy a small set of requirements.


For inner workings of IBC, head to cosmos/ics specifications and start reading from ics1.

CosmWasm supports IBC protocol out of the box and adds power of smart contracts on top. CosmWasm relies on Dynamic IBC protocol which differs from Interchain standards(currently ics20 and interchain accounts). This term is coined and proposed by Agoric, and the communication protocol and scheme is defined by the contracts. Contract should specify the actions taken during an IBC handshake.


  • Relayer section explains the relayer component of IBC and demonstrates setting up one for connecting CosmWasm enabled chains.

  • cw20-ics is a smart contract that is first of its kind. This is an IBC Enabled contract that allows us to send CW20 tokens from one chain over the standard ICS20 protocol to the bank module of another chain. In short, it let's us send our custom CW20 tokens with IBC and use them just like native tokens on other chains.