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CosmWasm Tokens

cw-tokens is a collection of cw20 related contracts extracted from cw-plus. These contracts serve as examples of what is possible to build with cw20 spec and serves as starting points for your own CosmWasm token contracts.


  • cw20-atomic-swap is an implementation of atomic swaps for both native and cw20 tokens.
  • cw20-bonding is a smart contract implementing arbitrary bonding curves, which can use native and cw20 tokens as reserve tokens.
  • cw20-escrow is a basic escrow contract that is compatible with all native and cw20 tokens.
  • cw20-merkle-airdrop is an airdrop contract to distribute cw20 tokens in a way that is both cheap and efficient.
  • cw20-staking is a contract that provides staking derivatives, staking native tokens on your behalf and minting cw20 tokens that can be used to claim them.
  • cw20-streams is a contract enables the creation of cw20 token streams, which allows a cw20 payment to be vested continuously over time.


All contributions are welcome. You can open PRs at cw-tokens.