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Version: 0.14

Next Steps

This is a very simple example for the escrow contract we developed, but it should show you what is possible, limited only by the wasm code you upload and the json messages you send. The next step is Hijack Escrow tutorial where you will edit a smart contract to put a backdoor that enables a thief to steal funds. If you want a guided tutorial to build a contract from start to finish, check out the name service tutorial.

We curated some video and workshop resources you can take a look at: Videos and Workshops

If you feel you understand enough (and have prior experience with rust), feel free to grab cosmwasm-template and use that as a configured project to start modifying. Do not clone the repo, but rather follow the README on how to use cargo-generate to generate your skeleton.

In either case, there is some documentation in go-cosmwasm and cosmwasm that may be helpful. Any issues (either bugs or just confusion), please submit them on cosmwasm/issues if they deal with the smart contract, and wasmd/issues if they have to do with the SDK integration.

Happy Hacking!