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CW1155 Spec: Multiple Tokens

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CW1155 is a specification for managing multiple tokens based on CosmWasm. The name and design is based on Ethereum's ERC1155 standard.

The specification is split into multiple sections, a contract may only implement some of this functionality, but must implement the base.

Fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens are treated equally, non-fungible tokens just have one max supply.

Approval is set or unset to some operator over entire set of tokens. (More nuanced control is defined in ERC1761)



SendFrom{from, to, token_id, value, msg} - This transfers some amount of tokens between two accounts. If to is an address controlled by a smart contract, it must implement the CW1155Receiver interface, msg will be passed to it along with other fields, otherwise, msg should be None. The operator should either be the from account or have approval from it.

BatchSendFrom{from, to, batch: Vec<(token_id, value)>, msg} - Batched version of SendFrom which can handle multiple types of tokens at once.

Mint {to, token_id, value, msg} - This mints some tokens to to account, If to is controlled by a smart contract, it should implement CW1155Receiver interface, msg will be passed to it along with other fields, otherwise, msg should be None.

BatchMint {to, batch: Vec<(token_id, value)>, msg} - Batched version of Mint.

Burn {from, token_id, value} - This burns some tokens from from account.

BatchBurn {from, batch: Vec<(token_id, value)>} - Batched version of Burn.

ApproveAll{ operator, expires } - Allows operator to transfer / send any token from the owner's account. If expiration is set, then this allowance has a time/height limit.

RevokeAll { operator } - Remove previously granted ApproveAll permission


Balance { owner, token_id } - Query the balance of owner on particular type of token, default to 0 when record not exist.

BatchBalance { owner, token_ids } - Query the balance of owner on multiple types of tokens, batched version of Balance.

ApprovedForAll{owner, include_expired, start_after, limit} - List all operators that can access all of the owner's tokens. Return type is ApprovedForAllResponse. If include_expired is set, show expired owners in the results, otherwise, ignore them.

IsApprovedForAll{owner, operator} - Query approved status owner granted to operator. Return type is IsApprovedForAllResponse.


Any contract wish to receive CW1155 tokens must implement Cw1155ReceiveMsg and Cw1155BatchReceiveMsg.

Cw1155ReceiveMsg { operator, from, token_id, amount, msg} -

Cw1155BatchReceiveMsg { operator, from, batch, msg} -


  • transfer(from, to, token_id, value)

    from/to are optional, no from attribute means minting, no to attribute means burning, but they mustn't be neglected at the same time.



TokenInfo{ token_id } - Query metadata url of token_id.


token_info(url, token_id)

Metadata url of token_id is changed, url should point to a json file.



Pagination is acheived via start_after and limit. Limit is a request set by the client, if unset, the contract will automatically set it to DefaultLimit (suggested 10). If set, it will be used up to a MaxLimit value (suggested 30). Contracts can define other DefaultLimit and MaxLimit values without violating the CW1155 spec, and clients should not rely on any particular values.

If start_after is unset, the query returns the first results, ordered by lexogaphically by token_id. If start_after is set, then it returns the first limit tokens after the given one. This allows straight-forward pagination by taking the last result returned (a token_id) and using it as the start_after value in a future query.

Tokens{owner, start_after, limit} - List all token_ids that belong to a given owner. Return type is TokensResponse{tokens: Vec<token_id>}.

AllTokens{start_after, limit} - Requires pagination. Lists all token_ids controlled by the contract.